"Safe Space"

"When their group therapy ends prematurely, eight girls say goodbye with a “safe space” slumber party, only to find they have unfinished business with each other. To celebrate their two years together they host a no holds barred “safe space” slumber party and it quickly becomes evident the therapy is ending at pivotal moments in each of these girls’ lives. Even for one night they cannot stop the outside forces that shape who they are: opioids, mental illness, slut shaming, and an inadequate foster system. These girls try to work together to shoulder the burden of living in a world where suddenly, there are no “safe spaces.” Featuring an ensemble of 8 actors, Safe Space is a positive statement about the brutal reality of the world. Emerging from a high stakes backdrop, these brave middle schoolers still find magic and joy and greet their problems with a smile and a meme."

Director: Kyleigh Archer

Sceneographer: Kyleigh Archer

Choreographer: Claire Marx

Stage Manager: Megan Kay Wright

Assistant Stage Manager: James Arthur

Lighting Design: Joe Wagner

Sound Design: Liam Lawe