24 Wing Styles

Tutorials: Multiple Arms

Tutorial: Casting Armor

Guide to Crowns Throughout History

Tutorial: Dragon Claws

Tutorial: Epaulettes

Tutorial: Gauntlet

Tutorial: Glass Slippers

Tutorial: Easy Gloves

Tutorial: Super Villain Helmet

Tutorial: French Hoods

Tutorial: Horns

Renaissance Necklace

Nonpaint Alternative to colored skin

16th Century Partlet Pattern

Ribbon Flowers

Paper Mache Swords and Helmets

Tutorial: Tails

Weapon Tutorial



Bird Masks

Masks from Jugs




5 Skirt Patterns

All About Sleeves

Animal Suit Guide

Assorted 16th Century German Patterns

Assorted Historical Patterns

Assorted Historical Patterns (1920’s-1950’s.)

Assorted Patterns

Tutorial: Bell Sleeve Top

Bonnet Pattern

Tutorial: Non-stretchy Bootcovers

Reversible Cape Pattern

Super Hero Cape Pattern

Costar Reference Collection and Historical Patterns 1800-1950’s

Crossback Apron Pattern

Disney Princess Ultimate Costume Guide

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Doublet Pattern

Elizabethan Costuming Index

Fairy Sleeves

Fashion Russian Patterns

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Tutorial: Fur Hood Pattern

Harram Pants Pattern

Historical Costume Guide

Hooded Sweatshirt

Hoop and Petticoat Pattern

Tutorial: Horse Rider/Llama Rider Costume

Tutorial: Knit Jeweled Neck Dress Pattern

Tutorial: Leather Holster

Tutorial: Light Up Patterns

Long Hooded Cloak Pattern

Tutorial: Simple Long Sleeved Dress

Tutorial: Mop Cap Bonnet

Tutorial: Mermaid Costume

Tutorial: Midi-Circle Skirt With Pocket

Tutorial: Onesie/Kigurumi

Opera Coat Pattern

Tutorial: Petticoat

Tutorial: Re-creating a Pattern from a Garment

Tutorial: Slanted Pocket

Tutorial: Smocked Honeycomb Skirt

Tutorial: Modern Straw Hat into Historical Straw Bonnet

Tudorlink Victorian Pattern

Tutorial: Tutu, flouncy and trimmed with ribbon

Tutorial: Tutu, stiff

Tutorial: Victorian Bustle Skirt



Add Appliques

Add Waist Tape

Tutorial: Attaching and Gathering Lace

Tutorial: Bag a Jacket Lining

Tutorial: Beading Technique

Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Velvet

Bra Making Tips

Tutorial: Button Loops

Tutorial: Bridging Edges French Hand sewing Technique

Tutorial: Corded Bag Handles

Corseting Guide

Couture Sewing Techniques

Illustrated Cuff Technique

Tutorial: Curved Edges

Dart Manipulation

Historic Guide to Dressmaking

Tutorial: Stop Elastic from Twisting

Tutorial: Fabric Manipulation: Edges and Trim

Fabric Manipulation: Gathering and Beading

Tutorial: Fabric Manipulation: Slashing

Tutorial: Fix a separated zipper

Fixing a snag in a sweater

Tutorial: Flat Locking

How to Use Flexible Foam Interfacing

Tutorial: French Seams

Tutorial: Fringe from Fabric

Tutorial: Gathering

Historical Costume Blog

Hook and Eye Using Sewing Maching

Tutorial: Inserting Eyelets into Straps

Tutorial: Interfacing a Jacket

Tutorial: Invisible Zipper

Tutorial: Knife Pleat Technique

Tutorial: Knit Necklines

Tutorial: Knit Scrap Ideas

Tutorial: Knotted Buttonhole Stitch Technique

Lace Insertion

Tutorial: Lace Seams

Tutorial Ladder Stitch Technique

Tutorial: Laminate Fabric

Sewing with Leather

Sewing With Minky Fabric

Guide To Necklines

Tutorial: Perfect Fit Around Armhole

Tutorial: Perfect Circles

Tutorial: Perfect Scalloped Edges

Tutorial: Pleated Sleeves

Resetting Sewing Machine Tension

Ric Rac Manipulation

Tutorial: Rolled Hem Technique

Ruching Techniques

Tutorial: Sew Different Types of Seams

Tutorial: Sew with Double Needle

Sewing Machine Trouble-Shooting Guide

Sewing Needle Reference Guide

Tutorial: Shibori Stitch Resist Technique

Guide to Stabilizer

Tutorial: Stitch in the Ditch Technique

Tutorial: T Shirt Braiding

Tutorial: How to Underline Fabric

Tutorial: Understitching Technique

Tutorial: V Neck

Tutorial: V Neck on Woven Fabric

Tips on Sewing with Vinyl

Tutorial: Vinyl or Leather Straps

Tutorial: Waistbands on lined bottoms

Tutorial: Welt Pocket

Tutorial: Zipper Installation



Homemade Budget Laundry Detergent (No Allergy!)

Tutorial: cheap, sustainable makeup remover wipes

Natural Dye Guide

Food In Medieval Times

Vintage Embroidery Patterns

Wholesale Trim and Notions



17th Century Wig/Hair Styling

Tutorial: Crocheted Wigs

Tutorial: Lace Front Wigs

Tutorial: Pony Tail Wig Extension

Synthetic Wig Care

Tutorial: Sewing Machine Wig Wefts

Wig Rack

Tutorial: Yarn Beard

Ultimate Guide for Brushed Out Yarn Wigs

Tutorial: Yarn Wigs