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Rehearsals at  Youngstown Cultural Arts Center  (pictured above)

Rehearsals at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (pictured above)

What Is Starring You ?

Be the star of the story you want to tell! No leads or divas, only ensemble fun and collaboration, everyone can be a part of.

Students will choose a theme based on ranked choice voting, and with the teacher, build the plot through thinking-maps and improv sessions. As they rehearse with the Teaching Artist over the weeks, students will receive a script that they create, and are encouraged to rehearse their lines with their parents. At the end of the program, there will be a free performances at the Thelma Dewitty Theater (1pm on 4/12) and after the performance will be a cast party where students will be able to celebrate their accomplishment with their peers. Professional photographs and recordings of the performances will be available to purchase. All proceeds goes towards future productions and the scholarship of the student assistant director.


Since 1996, DNDA has brought together Delridge neighbors, other non-profits, the business community and local government to build community, preserve affordable housing, design and build a trail along Longfellow Creek and to partner with other groups to further the vision of Dells & Ridges, bring a new library to the community, and assist dozens of groups with their community projects. Much of our work combines multiple goals such as providing affordable housing while enhancing the pedestrian environment and supporting local artists and the children residing in our residential units through our Youth Development Program.

Put on for the community, by the community.



Families who "play" together, support one other.

All tuition goes towards future productions at Youngstown and towards a scholarship for an assistant director (12-18). Students will become a team over the course of a month and celebrate with 2 free performances and a cast party, where parents are encouraged to meet each other, and take as many pictures as possible!

Real Theatre. real professionals. real fun.

Students will rehearse and perform in the historic Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and be supported by professional lighting and costume designers throughout the process. This project is supported by Delridge Neighborhood Development Association.


impactful, well rounded curriculum.

Students will practice literary analysis and language art skills, as well as develop body control, empathy, and public speaking skills. Through a democratic process and led by a professional Teaching Artist, students will work together as a team to create a play about anything that inspires them. 

SY_Spring_Break_AssitDirect_ tiny.png

One student 12-18, will assist the Teaching Artist every rehearsal and get the chance to teach and direct younger students. Through out the rehearsals they will help organize the script, block, and even design if inspired to. For their hard work, students will receive a scholarship for future artistic education and endeavors. To apply, please explain why you are interested in this position and any previous experience in an email to

Cast Shirt

Support Arts While Supporting Your Business

We're offering a variety of ads for different budgets and needs in our community. You want to help us and we want to spread the word about your generous business. With an ad in our playbill you can support youth theater and education in your community while supporting your own business or organizations needs. Get the word out to the friends and families of our program on their free public performance, 4/12. Become a sponsor and see your business around town featured on our productions posters.

Discounted B&W business card sized ads are available to families to give a “shout out” to their child on their special day. Email for more details.

Your business could sponsor our production and create some real change for our student's future education plans by donating. In return for your generous contribution at the $500 level we will include your business on every poster under "presented by" and will be prominently displayed in the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, with a specialized thank you in our program for your help.

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