Directed by: Jay O’Leary

Written by Madison Jade Jones

Lighting Design by: Angelo Domitri

Costume Design by: Sadiqua Iman

Props Design by: Kyleigh Archer

Sound Design by: Chris Leher

African storytelling has many forms. Ancient wisdoms were passed down through song, dance and (often comical) metaphorical re-tellings. Anansi and the Halfling strives to bring those storytelling mediums to light in a modern way through the experiences of a young, black millennial. As the story snakes through a college classroom, a mystical story realm, and the home of the gods themselves, puppetry, drumming, and movement are as crucial to the storytelling as the words themselves are. Our heroine strives to learn that in order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you came from… even when the past is painful.